About Palmolein Oil

All-purpose cooking medium, Contains Permitted Antioxidant TBHQ (E 319)

Palmolein oil is extracted from the flesh of the fruit of E. Guinness using pressure. In its unrefined form, the palm oil is bright orange in color due to high amounts of carotene pigments. The oil is semi-solid at room temperature and is highly resistant to oxidation and prolonged exposure to heat.

palm olein is considered the “gold standard” and is the most widely used oil for frying in the world.

Palmolein oil has many advantages. It is the highest-yielding vegetable oil crop, which makes it very efficient, and very popular. … Palm oil is a unique ingredient in many products because it has great cooking properties which are maintained even under high temperatures.

Benefits of Palm Oil


Decreasing cholesterol levels


Reducing Oxidative Stress


Boosting Brain Health


Slowing the progression of heart disease


Increasing vitamin A status


Improving skin and hair health


(Approximate Consumption Per 100g)

Energy : 900 Kcal
Max. Saturated Fatty acids : 49 g
Saturated Fat : 7.1 g
Poly unsaturated fatty acid : 12 g
Monounsaturated Fatty acid : 39 g
Trans Fatty Acids : <2 g
Carbohydrate : 0 mg
Cholesterol : 0 mg
Protein : 0 mg
Added Vitamin A : 725 mcg (2500 I.U.)
Added Vitamin D : 5 mcg (200 I.U.)

INGREDIENTS : Refined Palmolein Oil with vitamin A & D

Pouches:  1 liter |  Jar : 15 liters   | Tin: 15 liters/15 Kg.

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